Educational Meal Coaching Services

Personalized Chef Coaching And Menu Planning

A unique jump start to healthy CLEAN eating. No need for dieting when you are eating responsibly, and this does not mean that you cannot have dessert and wine! 

The personalized program, two to a four-week nutritional introductory course. Inclusive of daily one on one Chef coaching to assist with identifying kitchen staples, shopping, simple preparation techniques/cooking. 

The concept is to provide you with the education of "Eating Clean," without compromising flavor. You will be taught basic skills in the kitchen that will prove to assist in excellent food preparation in which you can fuel your busy lifestyles or families. 

Let us help with our tailored menu program. Get in touch so we can work together to plan something realistic for your lifestyle. 

Rate $2500+

Mum Chef...….

Coming soon..... How to feed your kiddos clean, easy and fun meals.

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