A Chefs tale By: Chef Coton

Looking back, I realize that I have had a life long admiration for food which would later turn into a passion as I grew and then a career. 

My childhood memories are so often food-related. My parents found amusement at the fact that I was the last to leave the dinner table. 

Some of my earliest memories revolved around quaint restaurants with my "Gypsies" of a family, we had stopped while traveling for work across the country. My Father is an Artist and my Mother a Therapeutic Yoga Teacher..... childhood was extraordinary, nothing traditional in my house. 

My father worked a job once outside of a small farm town, laden with cattle and smelled of a paper mill. I would anxiously await for his return because it meant that we would receive a white paper bag filled with vibrant colored traditional Mexican pastries with ornate designs.  

I remember the smells of the plump and sweet juicy blackberries that my siblings and I use to pick behind my parents' farmhouse. We'd get lost for hours, at what the time seemed to be a magical land filled with adventure. 

My parents had established a traditional family Sunday brunch, that followed a morning outing in the mountains. After a lengthy trip to the local co-op with three children in tow, they would amazingly whip up a table full of savory dishes. 

Sunday mornings were the best and I was always excited to see what my father would bring to the table for what then seemed like a feast to our hungry eager eyes!! Minted almond milk excited us and daddy's famous spinach pancakes too.... as I was raised vegetarian. 

As time passed, I grew and so did my interest in food. I love creating meals, the smells of spices excite me as do a bouquet of herbs. Everyone should have an herb garden. 

Every time I travel, I bring a piece of that experience with me, back into my kitchen. I believe in colorful plates of real food that is rich in flavor, but not heavy. I practice well-roundness in my personal life and naturally find that I  carry it over into the kitchen. 

I have been taught, I have taught. Dishes have succeeded and dishes have failed. Embracing wild, wonderful creations have been my rules for learning and mastering my craft. 

We dine together to relax, connect, and I admire the ability that a meaningful meal has to elude a hectic schedule.  I truly enjoy the experience of creating memorable moments through meals and it is a pleasure to share my love of food with you. 

Bon Appetit!

Chef Coton 


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